Haakili Logo located at the top of the page. Design includes a human eye, to represent security and the words,  Haakili Security Video Intercom, The Video Surveillance Specialists.
  • Image of the Haakili M741MB, glossy black monitor. It shows a young lady, and the operational buttons around the outside of the screen. This is a 7 inch screen from Haakili.
  • Haakili C543 door station, shown in brushed alluminium alloy, the camera and IR LEDs. There is a large call button at the bottom.
  • Image of the Haakili M741W, glossy white monitor. It shows a young lady, and the operational buttons under the 7 inch screen from Haakili.
  • Haakili C541KP door station, shown in brushed stainless steel, the camera and IR LEDs. There is a call button and 12 programmable buttons on the front face.

Why Would I Need a Video Intercom System?

The Author for this Article is :- Logan Brinsmead
Written on the :- 25/08/2022
Front door Video Intercom system

"I can see who's at my front door from inside my house. Why would I need a video intercom system?"

It's a valid question, but it betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between video communication and a standard doorbell. The former allows for clear, simple communication as well as instantaneous calls for help in emergencies. The latter does not.

Section topic: how does video intercom systems work

Video intercom systems are a great way to keep an eye on your front door from anywhere in your house, but why would you want to? There are a lot of reasons for it. For one thing, it means you can give guests a real-time heads up about when to expect you to answer the door instead of just making them wait outside. It also means that if your front door is approached by someone who's not supposed to be there (say a salesperson or someone lost), you can see that person from wherever you are in the house and decide how much time they'll have to wait until they get a response.

I love video intercoms. It's so much better than answering the door when you're in the middle of something. I always want to watch a few seconds of what's going on outside before I open the door and let the cold air in. Video intercom systems are also great for preventing identity theft. You can see who's at your door before you answer it, which is especially important when you can't remember if you gave out your address to every stranger at the bus stop. A video intercom system is also a great way to keep track of who is coming and going from your home while you're away. Finally, it's just really fun to use. You look like a futuristic James Bond or something!

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