Haakili Logo located at the top of the page. Design includes a human eye, to represent security and the words,  Haakili Security Video Intercom, The Video Surveillance Specialists.
  • Image of the Haakili M741MB, glossy black monitor. It shows a young lady, and the operational buttons around the outside of the screen. This is a 7 inch screen from Haakili.
  • Haakili C543 door station, shown in brushed alluminium alloy, the camera and IR LEDs. There is a large call button at the bottom.
  • Image of the Haakili M741W, glossy white monitor. It shows a young lady, and the operational buttons under the 7 inch screen from Haakili.
  • Haakili C541KP door station, shown in brushed stainless steel, the camera and IR LEDs. There is a call button and 12 programmable buttons on the front face.
  • UNIMO main banner, blue in color showing a digital video recorder, some smart devices that can view images from a UNIMO DVRs. There is also a captured screen shot of the iRAMs desktop software, and the words Full D1 Real time DVR 8CH recorder.
  • KCE main banner, blue in colour showing a digital surveillance camera, the KCE factory located in Taiwan and an image of the airport in Taiwan and the words The world's No 1 Security partner KCE Korea Communication Electronics.
  • Haakili main banner, black and green in color showing a finger pressing the door station and internal monitor station showing the person and someone is looking to see who it is.

Welcome to the Haakili Intercoms Website

We are proud to be Australian-owned, and have been established since 2005. We are one of the largest Online stores, selling quality CCTV Surveillance products to the high end customers, here in Australia. We have serviced many Customers, Retail stores, Manufacturing warehouses, Hotels and Clubs, Commercial Buildings and many other Small Businesses and Residential. We pride ourselves in our professional approach and customer support for all equipment that we have sold. We also have DIY solutions, you can be assured that we will still assist you while you carry out the installation, as we provide free technical phone support during your installation of your DIY solution.
UNIMO Customers ...... We have notice that the number of customers that are having problems with their iRAMS App with the new iOS11, have increased. So to answer your questions about this, we recommend the use of UCMS or UCMS PRO they are both a purchased APP, but they both work great. The PRO version allows you to view, on your mobile device recorded images, something that the old iRAMS never did! I hope you find this information useful.
Why Would I Need a Video Intercom System?

There are a lot of reasons for it. For one thing, it means you can give guests a real-time heads up about when to expect you to answer the door instead of just making them wait outside.

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Video Intercom System for Home Security

A video intercom system is often more reliable than a traditional doorbell. Instead of the sound-only doorbells that only let the recipient hear who's at the door, an intercom allows you to see whose outside as well.

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M741MB Intercom Monitor

This Haakili M741MB has a great visual appearance on your wall at home or office you require, audio and video from your front door.

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C543KP Intercom Door Station

Suitable for home, villa and commercial office. Outdoor camera with built-in infrared(IR)for night time viewing with keypad entry.

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M741W Intercom Monitors

7 inch Colour TFT Touch Screen Monitor. With a single press of the button to turn on the outdoor bell camera from the handset.

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C543 Intercom Door Station

With a stylish brushed Aluminium Alloy Front Panel. 420 TV Line Dual Communication. Anti-vandal and weather proof and Flush Mounted.

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M-441 Intercom - Monitor

With a 4 Inch Colour Display Monitor with Picture Memory. Records Visitors both Automatically & Manually, With Flush Mounted.

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C541KP Intercom Door Station

Stainless Steel front panel, Outdoor camera with built-in infrared(IR) for night time viewing, Suitable for home, villa and commercial office.

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