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  • Image of the Haakili M741MB, glossy black monitor. It shows a young lady, and the operational buttons around the outside of the screen. This is a 7 inch screen from Haakili.
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M-441 Intercom - Monitor

The Author for this Article is :- Logan Brinsmead
Written on the :- 01/01/2020

Image of the Haakili M441, glossy white monitor. It shows a young lady, and the operational buttons under the  4 inch color screen from Haakili.

These Haakili M441 have a great visual appearance on your wall at home, office or anywhere you require, audio and video control of your front door.

This model of Haakili comes in a glossy white face and has built in memory. The first 4 in the 441 represents this is a 4" monitor for fair distance viewing. The second 4 is that this model requires four wires for it the run correctly. The memory is most useful when the visitor rings your door station at the front of your house, the Haakili M441 will record an image of that person standing there! Which is great when you have people saying they rang the door bell, but in fact they were never there!

This model will accept most Haakili door stations as long as they are the 4 wire setup. So ask this question before you purchase a door station for this Haakili M441.


This Monitor Station has built-in memory, so that it can record up to 100 images, after every press of the intercom button. It has a series a physical buttons in the front of the monitor for ease of use. The required power supply for this unit is a 14-17Volt DC 1Amp plug pack, which is supplied with the Monitor Station from new. Power consumption for this unit is 0.5watts, and 15Watts when operating with the required front door station. The resolution of the 4 inch colour screen. The monitor is controlled via a 4 wire system and uses polarity. It is a analogue video monitor, so the camera or door station that is attached must be 1Volt peak to peak at 75ohms, it is CCIR standard.


The system is hands free to carry out your conversation with the person at the door station, four monitors can be connected up within the one system. Also two door stations maybe connected as well. A single press of a button can bring up the images from the units front door station's camera. To unlock the front door the system will need to be fitted with an electric door strike, then it is only a matter of a single press of a button from this monitor to unlock the door. This Monitor Station is Flush Mounted to the surface, and easy installation. The Monitor Station is suitable for home and small villa usage.

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3 comments on “M-441 Intercom - Monitor”

  1. Hi, I have lost the picture but still seem to have everything else working... Any tips on the M441 2013 mobel?

    1. It is possible that if everything
      is still working except the video
      stream form the front door camera,
      that the wire, has been cut or has
      come loose.

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